Saturday, May 19, 2012


The day before yesterday,wednesday
Went to subang jaya after college to wait my brother picking me up
But something fuxxxng thing was happened
We drove in second lane at kesas highway
A long truck just drive beside our car
But it does't matter..cause we both drive safety and properly
Yet another long truck abruptly appear in another side 
Its a mcd ingredience lorry
Damm..there is only few cm distance between that lorry with our car
I was like..what the fxxk..what the hell that drive drove so near and so fast
Rush to die isn't..=.=
That lorry even drive to our lane..
What we can see from this moment was a 'V' shape infront of us
Since our car were press between both side..
I just cant control myself and press my face and scream
Because the lorry at our both sides is really very near
Somemore there are big tyres even taller than our car
Then my brother kept hon the lorry
I thought i will die at that moment..
Because if that time my brother jz move a lil steering
Then we may be sacrificed in this accident
But luckily,we escaped
The lorry really drive with very high speed and careless
After that we drive pass by the lorry
My bro just can't stop hon and then i show that poor indian driver a gesture
And there's no enough time for me to record down the plate number

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Outing ~♥

Hang out with my friends on last friday long never go shopping together
They are our driver Ong Vivian and Chiang Chia wei ohni
Haha..vivian came to pick us around 11.30am
At first we go vivian's college to settle her fees and so on
When we arrived we just non-stop capture photos with vivian's camera

Look at this ohni >.<

after 'We are not naughty', I found that Shawn Lee is more handsome than joshua
He is so attract me no matter in his acting, voice even every espression
Wish I could find one like him in real life..haha
Afterward, we have dinner together at asia cafe
And then go home 
That day is a awesome day i had with my buddy
Because we chat, make laugh with very naturally

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The day i leave hostel ~♥

Last Thursday is my lastday to stay hostel..
I thought I must be very happy with it since I waited this day since so long
But..I don't felt any happiness but upset with no reason
Maybe I stay there for a year already
No matter is now became a fact to me
I have to take train and lrt to college and go home everyday
This is my choice
And ya..I want to notes down about my aventure of a korean guy named Tony
He is really a nice and handsome guy to me
Oh no..but i have no chance to meet him again
So much regret that i forgotten to ask his facebook
Wish I would see him once again =P

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012年的第十七天 ~♥